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From WTF to FTW: Turning the Page to Accelerate Product Practices in 2021

November 9, 2020   By Joe Ruekert

No one will argue that 2020 has been a doozie on just about every dimension. Product leaders are starting to look to a fresh start in the new year, just like everyone else. What’s really ahead for teams, leaders, and our products in the coming year? How should we be thinking about our people, scaling products, and the challenges & opportunities presented by our current environment?

On October 28th, Joe Ruekert, Jen Swanson, and Geri Huibregtse from Dispatch discussed the year in product management and how to turn the corner heading into 2021.

In the event, the speakers discussed many topics relating to product management and leadership, trends heading into 2021, and scaling product teams for growth.

You can watch the full replay here.

Co-Founder and Product Leadership Practice Lead

Joe helps companies of all sizes transform their businesses by building digital experiences that drive business growth. With deep expertise in digital product management, eCommerce, design & systems thinking and agile transformation, Joe helps organizations move into the complex digital world with confidence. He is passionate about creating digital experiences that start with the customer and his philosophy is built on leveraging data and research to solve real business challenges. When working with clients, Joe focuses on leading with positivity and collaboration. At home, Joe is an avid golfer, skier, and Minnesota Vikings fan and is outnumbered with his wife and two daughters.

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