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Our Values

We believe these values are critical to realizing our vision for Fahren. We built them together, over time, based on how we do our best work.

Stay Curious

We stay curious so we can keep growing. It’s important to explore new and better ways of solving problems and we seek new techniques, tools and ideas that can help us work smarter and better. We evaluate what and how we’re learning and discern the difference between shiny objects and useful concepts. We look for ways to make surprising and unexpected connections to spark better ideas.

Aim High

We aspire to make a dent in the universe, to make an impact over time and leave our mark. We want results and high performance. That means we can’t be average. We must have high standards for the work we make and how we interact to deliver the work. We value the beauty, clarity and simplicity that often delivers impact. We’ll be discerning: We will balance a thoughtful, critical eye with constructive feedback as we endeavor to reach our goals. We’ll keep working to improve over time.

Work Hard & Stay Humble

We value a good old-fashioned, midwestern ethic: Work hard, stay humble, no drama, no surprises. Do the work to do the job right. Hard work doesn’t necessarily mean more hours, so we seek ways to apply persistence, creativity and experience so we can work “smart”. We believe balance and recovery are critical counterparts to hard work, so we value rest, family, quiet, and nature to get rejuvenated. We are ambitious and we want to make our “dent in the universe”, but we should always keep our ego in check and avoid status-seeking. We’ll let our hard work do the talking.

Be Better Together

We know we’re better when we’re collaborating well. Successful collaboration happens when we do our best to be good to each other: Honest, supportive, candid, kind, direct, authentic. We’re clear-eyed about things, but we aspire to be optimistic, generous, and open to ideas. We balance being professionals at work with being authentic humans working hard together. We look out for each other, assume best intentions and commit to helping each other grow and evolve. We’re active in our community, knowing generosity and kindness lifts us all over time.

Leave it Better Than We Found it

Forward progress happens when we help each other and the community improve. We want our work to be additive, to increase understanding and to help others grow.  To do this, we have to be ready and prepared as we take on projects and work with each other. We will be creative and generous collaborators as we seek to improve what we’re working on and our various communities.

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