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Summer AI Playlist: AI Podcasts You Should Hear

September 12, 2023   By Jim Cuene

A playlist of AI episodes you might have missed from the summer of 2023

There’s almost too much happening with AI right now. It’s impossible to keep up with the changing capabilities from existing platforms (e.g. OpenAI) and all the new tools that are emerging. But, over the summer, we tried!

Here are some of the useful podcast episodes we wanted to share.

Sam Harris: Can We Contain AI?

This is deep, dense episode with one of the leading thinkers on AI, Mustafa Suleyman. He’s about as good as it gets as an explainer of what’s coming at us (both the opportunities and the threats). The focus here is on the potential risks in AI, and what might be done as the pace and scale of AI grow exponentially. The discussion of how fast compute power alone is growing will freak you out. But, there are some really valuable insights for leaders on what they can do. (Note: there is more if you are paid subscriber to the podcast)

Podcast | Youtube

Prof G: Conversation with Mustafa Suleyman — The Proliferation of AI & the Next Wave of Technology

Skip ahead to the 20 minute mark for another conversation with Suleyman. Seriously, it’s worth listening to him twice. Galloway is an acquired taste and his provocative style won’t be for everyone, but he’s a great interviewer and seems to always ask the right questions. The key takeaway for me is the focus on the concept that we’re introducing new intelligences into our world, not simply tools. Sounds kind of obvious, but the difference between “tools” and “intelligence” will be critical for all of us going forward.

Stratechery: An Interview with Daniel Gross and Nat Friedman

(Paid Feed, but worth it). This is a super nerdy conversation amongst super nerds, but there are a couple nuggets in this talk that make the year long sub for Stratechery worth it. There’s a really mindblowing, but short argument that the real long term value of AI is that it gives corporations a way to become, essentially, cibernetic and to sustain themselves without people. Totally changes my way of thinking about AI in the enterprise. Also, a really thoughtful discussion about the need for better training data, and where it might come from (and how much it might cost). Do yourself a favor and buy the Stratechery subscription.

Decoder’s Interviews

Nilay Patel is a great interviewer of tech thinkers and company leaders. Smart, probing, and considerate of business strategy AND ethics. This summer, he’s interviewed a number of folks leading the way on product development with AI in mind.

Andreesen: AI Will Save the World

This is from early June, but it’s a pro-AI argument for the creativity and efficiency boom that’s in front of us. And, it’s a skillful argument against AI Doomers. (link)

Ezra Klein: AI Could Solve Some of Humanity’s Hardest Problems

Going deep with Demis Hassabis on just what might be possible with AI, if we don’t screw it up (link)


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