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We Get Where You’re Going

Fahren is a new kind of consultancy, created to connect companies in transition with the visionary leadership and shrewd guidance they need to excel in the digital era.


Digital transformation is a sprawling concept, so we work with experienced consultants who combine big picture thinking with pragmatic knowhow to effect meaningful change for companies, and for the world.

How It Works


From the German word for going, traveling, and driving, our name is an embodiment of momentum, the purposeful movement toward an ambitious goal.

Press Play on Your Next Phase

Every organization is going to need what we provide, if they don’t already. We started Fahren because we kept seeing organizations make big commitments to digital transformation but struggling to find leaders who could see it through. Everywhere we looked, companies had the will to evolve but lacked the necessary expertise.

Whether you’re transitioning to a digital-first marketing model, or implementing new data strategies, we’ve been there. Our people know how to overcome the obstacles that prevent complex change initiatives from materializing, because they’ve been through those processes before.

Our values define us.

Stay curious.

We stay curious so we can keep growing. It’s important to explore new and better ways of solving problems and we seek new techniques, tools and ideas that can help us work smarter and better.

Always improving.

Forward progress happens when we help each other and the community improve. We want our work to be additive, to increase understanding and to help others grow. To do this, we have to be ready and prepared as we take on projects and work with each other.

Aim high.

We aspire to make a dent in the universe, to make an impact over time and leave our mark. We want results and high performance. That means we can’t be average.

Work hard, stay humble.

We value a good old-fashioned, midwestern ethic: Work hard, stay humble, no drama, no surprises. Do the work to do the job right. We are ambitious and we want to make our “dent in the universe”, but we should always keep our ego in check and avoid status-seeking. We’ll let our hard work do the talking.

Be better together.

We know we’re better when we’re collaborating well. Successful collaboration happens when we do our best to be good to each other: Honest, supportive, candid, kind, direct, authentic. We’re clear-eyed about things, but we aspire to be optimistic, generous, and open to ideas. We balance being professionals at work with being authentic humans working hard together. We look out for each other, assume best intentions and commit to helping each other grow and evolve. We’re active in our community, knowing generosity and kindness lifts us all over time.

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