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The success of your organization depends on having the right team in place to guide the way. How can you ensure you will choose the right team members?

At Fahren,
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We’ve been in your shoes. Collectively, our team has hired over 100 digital leaders. So we know how critical it is to align the right skills, experience and aptitude to your company’s objectives. By collaborating closely with your team, we use our proven search and assessment process to help you find your next great leader.

Understanding culture, challenges, and overall business strategy to connect our client with their ideal Senior Director of Media Strategy

Our work with a major national mattress retailer

Search Process


We work with you to assess the mix of skills and experiences needed to deliver a transformation in your company’s performance and results.

Design the Role

We work with you to understand the opportunities you need to pursue and the strategies to be executed. Then, we’ll help you refine or elevate the role to ensure your talent can drive the plan forward. We’ll deliver a Candidate Profile that describes what the ideal candidate will bring to your team.

Go-to-Market Strategy

We craft a unique marketing & recruitment plan to ensure we’re connecting with the the right talent, the ones who want to make a significant impact in your organization. We’ll work with your team to make sure we’ve got a clear positioning for the role, so we can help potential candidates see career and growth opportunities via your role. Then, we’ll build a recruiting plan that is powered by a mix of our global networks, technology and good old-fashioned hard work.


While recruiting, we’ll evaluate candidates via interviews, assessments and reference checks. We’ll match candidates to your profile and identify what strengths each will bring to your role.

Candidate Presentation

Our “best-fit” candidates will be presented with our assessment and rankingsin the areas of culture, functional expertise, strategic expertise and team leadership experience. We’ll also include recommendations for effective onboarding, developmental opportunities and ways to leverage their unique skills and experiences.


We’ll set the objectives and design a fast, seamless onboarding process to ensure your new hire feels welcomed and empowered and set up for success.


Learn how working with Fahren can provide you with the talent & advice you need


We are specialists in the direct hire of senior leaders and practitioners within the digital product management, user experience and digital marketing sectors with a national network of talent.


Chief Marketing Officer
VP of Marketing
Director of Marketing
Marketing Manager
Innovation Strategist
Director of Media Strategy
Media Supervisor



Chief Digital Officer
Chief Experience Officer
VP of User Experience
VP of Customer Experience
Director of Digital Product Management
Director of eCommerce
Director of Digital Marketing
Director of Digital Analytics
Director of User Experience
Manager of Digital Product Management
Digital Analyst



Creative Director
VP of Creative
Art Director

Today’s leaders are multi-faceted and continually evolving—balancing media skills, technical expertise, creative chops and a fluency in modern methods like Lean, Agile and startup marketing. There’s no longer any separation between traditional and digital.


Meet Susan Rylance

Susan is Fahren’s VP of Growth & Head of Talent Strategy, leading our Search Practice. With over 20 years of experience helping companies grow their marketing teams, Susan carries a strong global network of top digital and marketing professionals. Passionate about helping people succeed, Susan focuses on understanding her client’s culture, team dynamics, and the unique skills required to ensure the right talent is in place. She focuses on helping our clients fill direct hire leadership roles after working with them to help understand what’s possible when the right kind of leader takes on those critical roles.

“I have worked with Susan on a number of occasions. Her commitment in assisting me in finding the right talent for several key positions has been outstanding!”

—John D.
VP Customer Engagement
My Alerts Inc.

“Susan has been an amazing partner in helping us fulfill digital talent that fits our staffing needs and our initiatives.”

—Jason R.
The Active Agency

“Susan understands the value of the culture, team dynamics and skills to ensure the right team is in place. She is highly collaborative and a great connector of people and culture.”

—Harish B.
VP Global Creative

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