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by Fahren

Articles, interviews and resources for leaders who are driving digital transformation

Artificial Intelligence

I’ve been spending a lot of time this summer talking to marketing leaders about Artificial Intelligence (broadly speaking) and how they are weaving it into their work. And, I’ve been thinking about the other major tech-driven, hype cycles I’ve seen, from the first excitement about the web, the .com era, the Year 2000 problem, Web…

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Featured Resources

Fahren product event

By Kent McDonald

You want to make your teams more effective and you want to make sure everyone in your organization is focused on the right things. A sure fire way to do that is to change the model to organize your work from project based to product based. That seems easy to say, but it can be…

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By Brent Swanson

How to Shift Your Funding Structure to Ensure You Don’t Run Out of Time and Money When leading your organization through an Agile-based product transformation, a key decision you’ll make early on in the process is determining how your products are funded. A project is not a product. Projects are intentionally finite and have a…

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Business Drivers

By Jim Cuene

(Note: This post is intended for leaders of marketing teams. In a future post, we’ll share an agenda and plan for an offsite where the senior leadership team and trusted staffers can align on a unified approach. )  The questions come in the late hours when company leaders worry: “What are we doing about AI?…

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