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by Fahren

Articles, interviews and resources for leaders who are driving digital transformation


TL;DR: Middle leaders (Directors, VP’s) who are driving digital change have really tough jobs, and need support for building their own leadership skills . We’re doing some research into the support leaders need.  Over the last few years we’ve worked…

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Featured Resources


By Jim Cuene

If you’re working on your 2021 digital marketing plan, you how what a strange dilemma it is.  How can you plan that far ahead when there is so much uncertainty? Pandemic, social movements, election year anxiety, media fragmentation are some…

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By Brent Swanson

How to Shift Your Funding Structure to Ensure You Don’t Run Out of Time and Money When leading your organization through an Agile-based product transformation, a key decision you’ll make early on in the process is determining how your products…

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Fahren product event

By Joe Ruekert

No one will argue that 2020 has been a doozie on just about every dimension. Product leaders are starting to look to a fresh start in the new year, just like everyone else. What’s really ahead for teams, leaders, and…

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