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Event: “Voice is the interface”

September 10, 2018   By Jim Cuene

An exploration of opportunities for designers of voice interfaces

Fahren hosted a great lineup of speakers at our event on October 3, 2018, at the new Glen Nelson Center and Lunar Startups in St. Paul. Our speakers were sharing insights and lessons learned from designing voice apps for Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siri, and other platforms.

Our speakers included:

  • Jeff Freeland Nelson – Lunar Labs / Glen Nelson Center
  • John Golden – Crux Collaborative
  • Sam Kirchmeier -Livefront
  • Kyle Wesloh – New Signal Studios
  • Eric Johnson – GoKart Labs

John Golden from Crux Collaborative provided an overview of some recent research their team did on how voice apps will differ from traditional apps. You can download their research into some design considerations for smart speakers on the Crux Collaborative website.

Sam Kirchmeier from Livefront shared a case study on how designing for accessibility gave them a headstart on designing voice-only apps for a major retailer. You can read their case study here.

Kyle Wesloh from New Signal Studios discussed the evolving landscape for voice apps and how audio-on-demand (primarily podcasts) will play a role in the brand ecosystem. In his presentation, he shared some examples of where branded voice apps can play a role in helping users get more done.

Finally, Eric Johnson from GoKart Labs shared some ideas about how to generate insights into the role of user context – where are they, what are they trying to get done, what’s happening around them – in the design process.

Download the Decks:

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