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Leadercast Women – Courage, Inspiration and Action

October 29, 2019   By Susan Rylance

As I sit here and reflect upon the Leadercast Women event I find that I’m inspired by the theme of this event; Courage. It’s courage that makes us not only good leaders but great leaders!

I had the opportunity to hear from local women leaders such as Shelly Ibach, Barbara Butts Williams, and Marilyn Carlson Nelson as well as some national leaders such as Kate Delaney and Gayle King.

The common theme of their success is similar to what I’ve heard from the likes of Brené Brown including; vulnerability, courage & faith as well as confidence, persistence, commitment, and patience. To be honest, I was feeling overwhelmed with all the attributes of a great leader and what it takes to truly lead and inspire.

I then realized we all can be inspired, however, the key is to take action on those inspirations. I was listening to one of my favorite authors, Rachel Hollis, on my way home from the event and realized that inspiration only takes us so far. We need to take action by putting specific practices in place that will get us closer to that vision. Here are a few items that have been at the forefront of success for many of the leaders who spoke at Leadercast Women:

  1. Journal – Many leaders start or end their day by writing down their thoughts, successes, and vision. One stated she makes an “I get to do” list each morning, such as “I get to inspire and lead my team” or “I get to pitch a new business idea today”.
  2. Care for Self
    1. Meditate – take 5-10 minutes for yourself each morning, quiet time with no distractions or electronics
    2. Work Out – a consistent routine in the morning helps start the day as physical activity helps your body, mind, and spirit.
    3. Start or End Each Day with Gratitude – reflect on what you’re grateful for and whom you gave gratitude to that day.
  3. Find a Mentor – It’s difficult to go at it alone. When you’re seeking a mentor, make sure you’re clear what you want from the mentorship. What do you want to glean from that meeting and be specific as to not waste their time?
  4. Listen & Learn – Challenge yourself by continuously learning whether it’s reading articles/books, taking on new stretch assignments at work or taking in a workshop that will push your boundaries.
  5. Define your Why – Your “why” is what inspires you, what you’re passionate about, what makes you tick and keeps you driving forward each day. Write it down and have it in front of you and review/reflect upon it often.

You may not be into journaling, I know it’s not something I will put to action, however, I will be identifying 1-2 actions from above that I will hold myself accountable to get closer to the success of my vision and story.

What action will you take that gets you closer to your vision? Feel free to share; we’re here to help cheer you on!

VP Growth

Susan has over 20 years of experience helping companies grow their marketing teams and have built a network of seasoned marketing and digital professionals across the country. She has helped many SMB and Fortune 500 companies build their marketing and digital teams allowing them to focus on their overall business strategies and goals.

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