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Jen Swanson and Rich Sharp join Fahren as Principal Consultants

January 20, 2020   By Joe Ruekert

Fahren is thrilled to announce that Jen Swanson and Rich Sharp are joining its leadership team as Principal Consultants.

“Be Better Together” is one of our founding values at Fahren, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce that we are living out that value, with the addition of Jen Swanson and Rich Sharp to our team. Both will be joining as Principal Consultants, a senior role that elevates the expertise at our firm.

Jen Swanson is a digital transformation leader. She helps large, complex organizations solve customer experience challenges through effective product management, innovation practices, digital experience design, and multi-channel customer engagement. Ultimately, her value to organizations comes with her ability to help them optimize people, technology, and agile product management processes and techniques.

Rich Sharp is a multi-channel marketing strategist and leader. He helps organizations use the power of connection across their marketing channels to advance and grow their businesses. His keen ability to see the straight line through a project — from understanding the business challenges through execution and optimization — allows Rich to guide teams through strategy, creation, and execution.

This is a significant milestone for Fahren, as we broaden our digital capabilities and expertise. Both Jen and Rich bring outstanding professional experience and expertise, allowing us to more deeply serve our clients with the leadership they wouldn’t ordinarily have access to.

Jen joined Fahren because of the opportunity to noodle on big, tough concepts with other digital experts when bringing new products to the market and helping product teams function better and more effectively. She believes the blend of technical expertise and strategy Farhen’s team brings knowledge gives their clients a value they won’t find elsewhere.

Rich joined Fahren because of the opportunity to partner with talented digital leaders to bring innovative solutions to clients and build a unique business that sets Fahren apart from other firms.

Meet Jen

Jen Swanson

Jen has led complex digital transformation initiatives at numerous organizations. Some of her favorite projects include:

  • Helping a large consumer packaged goods firm and print and digital media company implement digital product teams and practices, coaching technical and business teams on new ways of adopting agile that bring more immediate and measurable value to the enterprise
  • Leading the team that launched an enterprise-wide authentication platform that allowed single sign-on across all Optum and UnitedHealthcare consumer products
  • Replatforming and relaunching Children’s Minnesota website with an entirely new look, feel, content strategy, and architecture within just 11 months — all while using a lean product development team

“Digital transformation is all about change management. When people are resisting big, fundamental changes, I try to dig deep and see what’s behind it.” – Jen Swanson

Meet Rich

Rich SharpRich has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies tell cohesive brand stories across channels. Some of his favorite projects include: 

  • Launching an innovative user-generated social media strategy for a large pharmaceutical company to create more engaging social content while adhering to complex regulatory restrictions
  • Developing a patient-first messaging matrix for a large medical device company after discovering existing brand messaging wasn’t resonating for consumers because it wasn’t empathizing with the patients’ needs

“I see connections others might not see, whether through offline marketing, sales, research & development, staffing, and growth.” – Rich Sharp

Connect with Fahren

Co-Founder and Product Leadership Practice Lead

Joe helps companies of all sizes transform their businesses by building digital experiences that drive business growth. With deep expertise in digital product management, eCommerce, design & systems thinking and agile transformation, Joe helps organizations move into the complex digital world with confidence. He is passionate about creating digital experiences that start with the customer and his philosophy is built on leveraging data and research to solve real business challenges. When working with clients, Joe focuses on leading with positivity and collaboration. At home, Joe is an avid golfer, skier, and Minnesota Vikings fan and is outnumbered with his wife and two daughters.

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