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Building Meaningful Brands: 5 Maxims

October 9, 2020   By Jim Cuene

Use these maxims to make sure your digital brand experiences are meaningful and relevant

It’s an amazing time to be a marketer. With an incredible array of tools at our disposal, we can do so much to connect with new and existing audiences, creating brand meaning instead of simply collecting impressions. It’s never been easier to sustain your brand and keep it meaningful in the minds of your buyers/users.

But, at the same time, marketers are being challenged in new and unexpected ways. It’s incredibly easy to get pulled too far in the direction of digital data and clicks, where you optimize the heck out of your communications. You drive efficiency, but lose the soul of your brand.

And, with all the platform and ad-tech innovation, it’s so easy to “test and learn” with a bunch of creative executions that might be interesting, but take your brand in unexpected directions. Sure, your agency might win some awards for that really clever execution, but who knows if it’s right (or “good enough”) for the long haul. Meanwhile, competition – for market share, for attention, for trust – is incredibly fierce. Even on the best days, the breadth of choices for how to bring your brand to life can be overwhelming.

 In a time of ephemeral media and transient consumer experiences, how do we build brands that last and have integrity? How do we thread the brand building needle and keep building meaningful experiences?

A part of our Business Drivers series, we talked with Paul Isakson to get some perspective on how to stay the course when there are too many options. Paul is a  digital strategist who has helped so many brands navigate the opportunities and the risks of the digital landscape. He’s one of those thinkers we turn to when we want to get re-grounded.

In this talk, he shares his take on 5 maxims for building meaningful brands. It’s timely, but also a great reminder of the principles that can help you build a timeless brand.


Want to access the whole deck from this conversation? Drop us a line here.

Meanwhile, Pauls earlier work on Modern Brands is still super relevant.


Co-Founder and CEO

Jim has over 20 years of digital brand building experience. From running a start up digital agency to leading digital strategies for global brands at Ameriprise and General Mills, he’s been at the front of digital marketing his whole career. He loves the web and the opportunities it is creating for people and businesses to actually make the world better. Jim has an entrepreneurial mindset, the ability to see how the dots will connect in the future, and the knowledge & experience to put plans and teams in place to get results now.

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