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We’re in the leadership business at Fahren and that means staying on top of the evolving tools and methods.

Product Leadership, the Lean Startup, Agile at Scale, Human-Centered Design. We live for this stuff and we believe you do, too.

That’s why we’re launching Fahren’s Business Drivers, a newsletter to help you navigate the rush of change around us.

We’re making this newsletter for leaders who are excited about making their organizations better, the ones applying state of the art methods and technology. Each issue will include our selected articles, links, and essays to help keep your company in front of the change and help you build your skills as a modern leader.

We believe leaders create clarity of purpose and point to the future. Business Drivers is our way of sharing where we’re headed.

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What We Will Cover

In general, we’re covering a couple of big transformations:

  • New working methods – the transition of Agile/Lean and “new” ways of working from business to IT
  • New resource models – the growth of the independent workforce, freelance nation, gig economy, flex working models
  • Startup Methods – more and more large companies are seeking advantages by working like startups. Learn how to move faster, develop new business models and reduce risk by testing & learning on a small scale
  • Functional trends – we will go deep on emerging tools & techniques in Marketing, Product, CX/UX, and Analytics


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