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Fahren: With Gratitude

November 27, 2019   By Jim Cuene

Some thoughts on a great year

This long weekend is set aside for reflection and thanksgiving. Even though there’s lot of traveling, plenty of movement and god knows too much consumption, it’s also a time to slow down and connect.

So, it’s natural that the Fahren team looks back on how we got here and where we’re going in the new year.

It’s been almost two years since Joe and I started Fahren with a half-cooked powerpoint deck and a clear idea of what ambitious companies needed to drive their digital transformation work.  Since then, Amy, Susan, Brent, Patrick and Craig have signed on  and pulled us forward in  a powerful way. We’re going into Year 3 on our toes, leaning in, and with the wind at our back. Pick your favorite positive metaphor and apply it here.

We know how lucky we are.

It’s impossible to overlook the  generosity and kindness and patience that’s been extended to us.  Every one of you that’s listened to our pitch, considered a collaboration, gave us a couple minutes to explain ourselves or gave us a project; You have given us something we hold dear: You invested your time and attention and belief when you didn’t have to.  We never take it for granted.

Karma cycles. We firmly believe that, and we have a karmic debt to all those that we’ve connected with over the last couple years.

So, we will go into the next year with hearts filled with gratitude and a spirit of commitment to our community: our clients, the consultants we work with, fellow digital nerds and other small business owners who, like us, are trying to re-invent how work gets done.

Thanks to all of you that took the time to connect with us this past year and we hope to strengthen those relationships over the next. Let’s all get better together.

Happy Thanksgiving from Fahren!

Co-Founder and CEO

Jim has over 20 years of digital brand building experience. From running a start up digital agency to leading digital strategies for global brands at Ameriprise and General Mills, he’s been at the front of digital marketing his whole career. He loves the web and the opportunities it is creating for people and businesses to actually make the world better. Jim has an entrepreneurial mindset, the ability to see how the dots will connect in the future, and the knowledge & experience to put plans and teams in place to get results now.

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