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Digital Product Leadership for a Fortune 50 Health Insurance Company

Fahren’s client is one of the world’s largest health insurance providers, offering commercial group insurance plans across the United States under several product names with different offerings. In order to remain the health insurance industry leader, our client is investing heavily in digital capabilities to deliver on its strategies of improving the direct-to-consumer experience. 

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The Opportunity

Our client, the Vice President of Digital Strategy, had two critical areas of focus as he looked to elevate his team’s internal capabilities. First, he had an immediate tactical need to internalize the work of managing and developing a series of hosted website landing pages. The digital product management and user experience development had been historically outsourced to an agency, and the time was now to bring those skills and responsibilities in-house.

His second area of focus was to optimize his team for digital growth by fully embracing product management methodologies and develop a new team structure that would allow his organization to adapt quickly to changing customer expectations, a dynamic competitive landscape, and ever-evolving market conditions.

Our client needed a trusted partner that could help with the immediate need of internalizing work historically managed by an agency vendor while also providing strategic guidance and talent to help transform his organization for the future.

Our Approach

Our client hired Fahren because of our ability to provide senior digital product management talent that has direct experience leading transformational initiatives. In order to accomplish both the short term and long term objectives, we provided two senior digital product consultants to lead the internal migration of their web landing pages and to guide the digital product transformation. Our consultants embedded directly with the client’s digital product teams as leaders within the organization.

The Results

Within six months, our first consultant was able to successfully manage the migration of the landing pages internally. He led the strategy, analysis, and day-to-day operations of those landing pages, providing insights into traffic and usage to drive the overall strategy while implementing a new operating model that reduced time to market and modeled agile delivery best practices for the wider team.

Once complete, he was able to assume additional responsibilities for the organization, including leading the product management for an infrastructure product that tied multiple data sources together. This new product allowed the company’s phone agents to access customer data that was not previously available to them, allowing them to help more customers which helped drive a 13% increase in enrollments.

Our second consultant’s initial focus was to help the organization drive process improvements that would accelerate the team’s delivery speed. His focus quickly shifted to support the VP as he developed an organizational realignment strategy that would help his team focus on products and work more collaboratively across marketing, product, and technology.

This work included organization design modeling, change management for the teams as they evolved their roles and responsibilities, and process coordination to ensure existing work wasn’t impacted by the changes.

Our consultant-led a series of internal workshops to gather ideas, opportunities, and pain points across multiple teams to ensure the approach would solve the fundamental problems slowing down the organization.

Fahren’s deep product leadership capabilities helped our client elevate its product practice by bringing historically outsourced capabilities in-house. Our consultants helped the V.P. of Digital Strategy reimagine his organization and provided the leadership to drive the changes. This support is helping our client deliver new features and functionality to the market faster than ever before.

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