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 Finding two key leaders amidst a global pandemic

KC Truth is a full-service brand and advertising agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that delivers smart and bold ideas to their clients in digital, social, video, print, and beyond.

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The Opportunity

KC Truth lost two critical roles (Group Account Director & Director of Media Strategy) within a week of each other, which meant they needed to act fast during a critical time in their business. They were working on an internal brand launch for a client and they couldn’t miss a beat during this launch in the midst of Covid 19. 

Beyond the short term need, KC Truth wanted to add depth to their leadership team. The goal was to get two new team members that were strong leaders in personality who also had a strong track record of proven digital brand-building results. 

Our Solution

KC Truth chose Fahren as their recruiting partner due to our core focus on digital, our collaborative approach to clarifying the role and talent requirements, and the deep experience we have in finding and hiring digital talent. This unique approach ensured a quicker path to the right hires, which minimized the risk of losing market share and business opportunities during a crucial time for KC Truth’s business. 

Through Fahren’s Ready.Set Workshop, we worked with KC Truth’s leadership team to create an Ideal Candidate Profile Profile (ICP), which aided in targeting the ideal candidate quickly. Fahren takes a unique design-thinking approach to the recruiting process, which allows clients like KC Truth to think beyond the current leadership role and help identify the future leadership role to aid not only in current but future business strategies. 

Fahren worked collaboratively with KC Truth to create a story and message that allowed potential candidates to visualize their impact on the business strategy and their own growth trajectory. In addition, Fahren’s digital marketing experience allowed them to vet candidates and only present highly qualified candidates to the leadership team. Understanding the critical timing of these roles, Fahren identified the ideal candidates within three weeks of the start of the engagement with KC Truth. 


The two leaders hit the ground running. They were such a strong culture fit and because of their experience, they made an immediate impact on the business. They have brought in new innovative ideas to the agency and clientele, which allows KC Truth to think differently and scale the business for future growth.

“It was super easy working with you, you were picky about the candidates and that helped us so we didn’t waste our time screening them. You didn’t just throw spaghetti at the wall, you edited them and made or job not feel so overwhelming” 

~Sue Kruskopf, Owner KC Truth 

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