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Helping a fast growing medtech company find their modern agency

Advisory enngagement for Inspire Medical Systems

Inspire Medical Systems is a home-grown, Minneapolis-based medical device startup that went public in the Spring of 2018. The business plans called for rapid national growth. Their new Customer Experience & Marketing leader knew the Inspire team had to transform their marketing approach.

The first step was to find a new marketing partner who could deliver an integrated solution for the full breadth of marketing capabilities needed for the next two years.

Working with the Inspire Medical Systems team, the new partner team would need to redevelop the brand positioning, evolve the media mix, build digital CRM and lead generation capabilities and support exponential growth, all while keeping costs under control.

Our solution

Inspire Medical Systems engaged Fahren to help find a new integrated marketing partner. We designed a unique approach that was fast, collaborative and open. We knew that we needed to go beyond the traditional RFP process and create a new model that gave the prospective agencies everything they needed to best serve Inspire Medical Systems.

First, we led collaborative workshops with the Inspire team that resulted in alignment and prioritization of their outcomes and staffing needs for the next two years. Then, we developed a list of potential partners that had the right mix of capabilities, scale, domain experience and would be a good chemistry match for the Inspire Medical Systems team.

Once we had the list defined, we built an outcomes-focused, collaborative, non-RFP approach to exploring each agency’s capabilities, engagement model, culture and compensation model. Our iterative, open approach made it a positive experience for both sides. For the agencies, they could avoid a “pitch”, but still, demonstrate their skills and capabilities. For Inspire, it was a great way to see how each agency worked before any contracts were signed. Finally, we supported the Inspire Medical Systems through the fee and staffing negotiations, positioning the agency and the internal team to get off to a faster start.

The Result

The team from Inspire Medical Systems found a marketing partner that is invested in growing the Inspire Medical Systems business. The new marketing leader can keep his focus on growth and acceleration, without worrying about whether his team can scale. The agency is in a position to do their best work with a fully engaged and committed client.

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